Dish: Eleanor’s Coffee Bar and Market

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Not all is old near Antique Row on Alameda. Eleanor’s Coffee Bar and Market is new, cool, and elegantly modern. Push open the stark white door with antique brass mail slot to find Jessica Gignac, owner of this chic and sophisticated coffee bar. Her mission: Bring good coffee and good juju to Corpus.

Eleanor was Gignac’s grandmother on her father’s side. When you went to Eleanor’s house, she immediately rushed to get you food, a beverage, asked you to “sit and relax”! Her strong sense of hospitality is what inspired Gicnac’s atmosphere for the coffee bar and market.View More:

Gignac isn’t just serving up a hot cut of jo. She and Danny, her one very enthusiastic and passionate employee, are becoming adapted to educating the customers and bringing top knowledge about the percolation method to brewing along with the different roasts. In essence, a percolator is a type of pot used to brew coffee by continually cycling the hot water through the grounds using gravity until the required strength is reached. This “pour-over method” means that the water touches the coffee for a shorter amount of time allowing for a lighter taste where the flavor notes of the coffee are more prominent.View More:

The coffee beans brewed and sold at the bar and market were methodically chosen. Driftwood Coffee is local, and Merit beans are from San Antonio. Both come packaged in rustic brown bags and are perfectly lined up on the sale shelf. Other venders include Edelan Farms Honey from Alice, TX, Bellocq Tea from Brooklyn, NY, Fed by Bread Granola from Corpus Christi, TX, Portland Growler Company from Portland, OR, and Kinfolk, Cherry Bombe, and Sweet Paul Magazines, all perch politely on the clean white shelving.

Clean, trendy, and primitive in nature, the cornerstone white oak counters and organic menu has finally found its home. Vacant for the past four years, this space used to house a flower shop, perhaps lending its past Zen aura to the space.

Born and raised right here in Corpus Christi, Gignac has always used the percolation brewing method for her coffee. For nearly 17 years now, she has had the vision for this coffee bar that has finally come to fruition. From Pilates instructor to coffee bar owner, Gignac believes in serving “well-loved drinks and food.”

View More:’s also has homemade juices, milks (almond, cashew, coconut), snacks outsourced from some of the finest restaurants in town, and definitely a great atmosphere to spend your day in. Good vibes and a great cup of coffee, this new spot deserves the local support that it gives out.


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