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JPAGE-PalmillaBeachNewConstruction-TheBend-Editorial-145Sunrise-29Families and investors alike are flocking to own a piece of the pie in Palmilla Beach Club and Golf Course. The community is as high-end as they come, as are the homes.

mT=f(P2 + t + s + a)

But what does this mean?

Motivated team = function (Passionate People + training + strategy + accountability)

This is Legacy International Resort Properties’ winning formula for their resort, Palmilla Beach Resort and Golf Club. Designed by award-winning developers Bart Koontz and Red McCombs, this community has it all…Beach. Bay. Golf.

But they forgot Designer Living in their tag line! And preferred builder Thaxton Kypke has built just that home, likely using this same exact winning formula. Located right on Sunrise Blvd., facing East overlooking the gulf, it’s pretty price tag is at $1.1 million (and worth every cent!).JPAGE-PalmillaBeachNewConstruction-TheBend-Editorial-145Sunrise-23

And in Kypke’s home, all that glitters is gold, er, something like that. It definitely glitters, from the glass backsplashes, to the strategically placed mirrors, to the sparkling pool, to the shiny showers and sinks…to the sun shimmering off the gulf views!

Kypke wanted to create a home that felt both beachy and classic, like “Old Florida” as he referred to it. No expense was spared, down to the carriage garage doors, Thermador Gas Range, drawer microwave, high impact doors and windows, and the ever-popular Mother-in-Law suite! Don’t expect guests to ever leave with that amenity! The living room and master bedroom open up to the courtyard, where a rectangular pool with three fountain-like jets trickle at the water’s edge and bring that peaceful serenity that one deserves at a beach home. “Building a home of this magnitude has a million details. But then you’re done!” jokes Kypke.JPAGE-PalmillaBeachNewConstruction-TheBend-Editorial-145Sunrise-11

This 700-acre resort is designed to be pedestrian friendly. This walkable community is made up of Village North, Village South, and the Marina. This particular home sits in Village North, where the number of home sites are limited. The community has established a vertical village concept, which will keep the resort pedestrian friendly and architecturally consistent. Each home must have a minimum of 2 stories, but some home sites allow for a 3.5 story maximum. Homes that dead-end will have towers atop them to further enhance village feel and ‘curb’ appeal.

Perfectly spaced rows of palm trees regally greet you as you enter the resort-style neighborhood, with green golf course grass gracing the slops that surround. Little black and white checkered flags marking tee holes and the soft roar of the gulf makes one wonder, is this real life?JPAGE-PalmillaBeachNewConstruction-TheBend-Editorial-145Sunrise-5

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