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In the United States, there are enough solar electric systems installed to power 3.2 million average-sized homes. As solar energy becomes cost-competitive with conventional energy sources, more Texans are looking toward the sun to power their homes and businesses. Unfortunately, not every rooftop can host solar panels, nor is every living situation practical for an on-site installation. However, thanks to Clean Energy Collective, it is now possible for any customer of NEC Retail to go solar—with Roofless Solar.

What is Roofless Solar?

Texas 2With Roofless Solar—also known as Community Solar—the production of solar energy does not take place on a rooftop or backyard. Instead, a medium-scale solar array is constructed in a local community and allows residents to buy or lease the individual panels. The same concept as a community garden, these shared solar projects enable NEC Retail customers to harvest the sun’s energy and enjoy the associated financial and environmental benefits.

Barriers to Installing Rooftop Solar

From skylights and tree shading to a roof sloping the wrong direction or in need of repairs, there are a number of obstacles to installing a rooftop solar array. Renters do not have ownership of the space needed to install solar panels, and condominium owners are often subject to the aesthetic restrictions dictated by Homeowners’ Associations. These living situations make it difficult (if not impossible) for occupants who want to go solar. With Roofless Solar, anyone with a utility bill can access the benefits of clean solar energy.

Save Money Immediately

By design, community solar facilities are able to achieve economies of scale that are unfeasible with individual rooftop solar systems. The financial savings are then passed directly to a customer’s utility bill—and combined with applicable incentives and rebates. Because Roofless Solar is up to 15 percent more efficient than rooftop panels, customers can save even more.

Easy to Participate

Texas 4In today’s hurried society, simplicity is the key to adoption. With Roofless Solar, participating customers rely on professional solar developers to design, install, operate, and maintain the shared solar array for maximum performance and efficiency. Roofless Solar is the most hands-off, simplest approach.

Help Protect the Environment

Community solar facilities enable local residents and businesses to make sustainable choices and help preserve our planet for future generations. Over the next 50 years, the NEC Retail solar electric system is expected to offset thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide—the equivalent of planting more than a thousand trees. Roofless Solar is a win-win situation for everyone.

Clean Energy Collective is working with NEC Retail to bring Roofless Solar to Corpus Christi and the surrounding area. To learn more, visit 1

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