World’s Greatest Stretch

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You may be asking, how can ONE stretch be The World’s Greatest Stretch?  What makes this the World’s Greatest Stretch is the amount of muscles groups that are both stretched and activated simultaneously. On one side of your body you hip flexors, quadriceps, inner thigh, lats, chest, abdominals and shoulders are all being stretched while on the opposite side your glutes, outer thigh, upper back and shoulders are being activated (turned on).  You can get more bang for your buck with this one stretch than with any other stretch.

How to perform The World’s Greatest Stretch?

1. From a standing position step back with your right leg into a lunge position or start in a half-kneeling position if you have mobility issues.
2. Plant your right hand down on the ground to help balance yourself.
3. Next lower your left elbow towards the instep of your left foot.  Make sure your left knee is stacked on top of your left ankle.  Slightly push your left knee out away from your body without moving your left foot.
4. Squeeze the glute muscles of your right leg as tightly as you can while pushing your right heal down and back towards the ground. (Hold for 2-5 seconds while you exhale). Switch legs and repeat on the other side.

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Variation #1 Hamstring Stretch – From the last positon place both hands on the ground, rock back and push your hips up to the sky while straightening both legs.  You should feel a stretch in the back side of your left leg.  For an additional stretch flex/pull your toes up towards your nose on your left (front) foot.

Variation #2 Thoracic Spine Rotation – With your left leg in front and right leg in back plant your right hand on the ground turn your left arm and chest up towards the ceiling while squeezing the glute of your right leg. You should feel tension/activation in your upper back and a stretch from the front of your hip up to your chest.

Who can benefit from this stretch on a daily basis; executives, moms & dads, athletes, weekend warriors, joggers, walkers and anyone who sits for an extended period of time?

Add The World’s Greatest Stretch to your daily routine or at a minimum to your next workout.


Committed to Your Success,

Adam Farrell

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