Work + Rest = Success

The title above is a great philosophy to succeed in business, fitness/sports and life. Most of us have the “working” part of the equation down without any problem. We will work early in the morning, late at night, through lunch, on the weekends but will leave little time to rest and recharge. Below are a few tips for you to relax, recover and recharge:

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Get 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night! You have heard it all your life. There is a reason you have heard this your entire life. Sleep helps repair and rebuild your body. It also is crucial for organizing thoughts and memories.

Eat Legless Protein and Rainbows: The fewer the legs your protein source has, the better it is for you. Cold water, wild-caught fish will be your best source of protein and good fats (omega 3). Eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies every day. The more colorful the food source, the more vitamins and phytonutrients you will receive.

Breathe! Take 5-10 minutes each day to focus on your breathing. While keeping your tongue on the top of your mouth, try inhaling for 3 seconds and slowing exhaling for 6-8 seconds, then pause for 3-5 seconds. This type of breathing will engage your diaphragm, the largest muscle in your body. Breathing like this will help with lower back pain, shoulder pain, can lower your pulse and blood pressure.

Get a Massage: A relaxing massage is a great way to relieve stress and help repair overworked tissue.

Create a Daily Routine: Build recovery techniques into your daily and weekly routine. Try self myofascial release (foam rolling), taking a 20-minute walk outdoors, or gentle stretching for 10 minutes.

You rarely forget to recharge your cell phone or your laptop. Why not start recharging yourself now?

Adam Farrell MS, CSCS

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