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Gene Schade places a small collection of sterling silver charms on the table at Casa de Oro Jewelers, one marking each year since 2005. The charms, mostly renderings of angels and other Christmas-themed imagery, depict artwork by young patients at Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

“Our feelings about Driscoll go way back,” says Schade.

Schade’s wife Dee worked at the Corpus Christi Bank and Trust for 18 years, a bank founded by Clara Driscoll, and some of her colleagues were involved with the Driscoll Foundation.

The Auxiliary to Driscoll Children’s Hospital sponsors “Project Artwork” annually, a program that gives patients and their siblings the opportunity to submit personal drawings to be considered for holiday artwork.

In 2005, they asked Dee and Gene if Casa de Oro, the jewelry business they started 35 years ago, could create a charm for Project Artwork based on a drawing by one of the patients.

They said yes.


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