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Where the Freshness Lives

A self proclaimed recovering sugar addict, Kimmi Moats is sharing her passion for fine foods and healthy lifestyle.



For the past 6 years, Janet Freeman has trained with Pinnacle Performance & Fitness in Corpus Christi. She finds that rolling out of bed and going straight to the gym (with no time to consider other options) makes consistency with an exercise plan... more

, Be Well

You can quickly and easily transform a sunny patch of lawn into a beautiful garden with the Bio-Intensive Dig Method. All you need is a shovel and a few soil amendments to get started! more

, Be Well

Danielle Morales knows the power of positive thinking, despite growing up with physical malformations. A winning smile belays a childhood of self-consciousness caused by a cleft lip and irregular nose. more

, Be Well

Despite the downsizing, a local couple has found that making the move to senior living has been full of surprises and adventure. more

, Be Well

This local triathlete and her modified road bike earn medals across the state as she continues to win athletic competitions almost 20 years after she first learned she loves to cycle. more

, Be Well

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